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Anti Theft System

Anti Theft Solution

Infoquest provides a range of Antitheft solutions for Retail and Commercial outlets. We are the authorized distributors for Sensormatic range of solutions. Our expertise is to guide customers to choose the right product. We also offer connected EAS solutions in AM and RF. We are market leaders in supplying concealed systems in EAS and this gives client a clear entrance. Our New Synergy range of solutions have wide entrance benefits. We also offer a huge range of RF EAS solutions in our portfolio.

Assuring security in commercial offices and showrooms is the priority of a business owner in UAE. Hence, Infoquest has brought EAS security solution in UAE. Installation of these anti-theft systems in UAE has brought great relaxation to many businesses. These systems are aesthetically designed for assuring the surveillance and safety of goods exhibited for sale.

With an anti-theft system, the chances of goods slipping are decreased. The reason behind it is the functioning mechanism of the anti-theft system. The system is installed with sensors that are activated when sense/detect movement of metallic objects. Thus, these security tags in UAE prevent unauthorized escalation of goods out of the premises by alerting the security department.

At Infoquest, all clients are guided by professionals having an upper hand in the industry. Their experience assists in choosing the right anti-theft system. The availability of multifarious anti-theft systems makes us a prominent choice for people. For further queries, feel free to speak to us by dialing our hotlines.