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About Us


Infoquest is here to take care of all your store needs. Securing stores is one of the top most priority for all retailers. Anti theft solution and CCTV is a mandatory requirement. Choosing the right solution is a big task. Infoquest is here to offer you a trouble free process in selection. Right from security till tracking your customers flow inside the store we are a one stop solution.

Infoquest was formed by a team who believes in Exceptional customer satisfaction. Being in the security and retail industry for over 15 years the team has gained tremendous confidence and trust among customers. We are one of the leading suppliers of branded Security and Retail intelligence solutions in the UAE. With a good technical team to support the customers we are proud to say that we are one of the best solution providers.

  • 01.Do you want to Secure your retail outlet?
  • 02. Do you want to count the number of people entering and leaving your store?
  • 03. Do you want to know how many people saw your display and how many people entered?
  • 04. Do you want to find where the customers spend most of their time in store?