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People Counting System

People counting solutions

People Counting Solution

People counting is the use of an electronic device which is used to measure the number of people that pass through a certain passage or entrance. Infoquest is a world-leading authority on this technology. We are reliable and trusted company for choosing systems for footfall counting UAE. We have installed our systems in different parts of the country.

With a high ROI and a very fast payback time, our people counting counters are used by brands, public institutions and international companies. The information our people counters provide is used at all levels of business, from planning front line activities to setting overall strategy.

Benefits Of Choosing Our People Counting Solutions

People counting technology forms the basis for a range of high tech solutions which includes retail analytics, queue management and space utilisation uses and applications.

To make effective business decisions, one needs to have good intelligence which is what footfall counters of our company providers. Reliable and accurate footfall measurements will allow you to do the following:

  • Calculate your store's conversion ratio
  • Compare the performance of the store across a worldwide network
  • Calculate the pattern of footfall
  • Improve customer service

  • Therefore choosing our footfall solutions is the best thing for you to do. You can use it in shopping malls, theatres, store and also exhibition footfall counting uses.