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VidiReports is Quividi’s main software. It combines:
  • Scene Analysis, to estimate the Opportunities To See (ie # of by-passers)
  • Face Detection, to count the watchers (ie those whose face was exposed to the measured point of interest)
  • Face Tracking, to measure the attention time of those watchers and the more global dwell time which includes the moments when they were looking away
  • Face Qualification, to estimate the gender, the age, the face features (such as beard or glasses) and the mood of the watchers
  • Gate Crossing (also known as the “VidiGates” mode), to estimate the number of people who cross a virtual gate, when the camera is set on the ceiling
VidiReports runs on most Digital Signage players under Windows, Linux and Android, and comes in three Editions: Nano, Pro and Expert.
When VidiReports comes delivered on a USB stick with a custom operating system, it turns any bare PC into a robust, turnkey measurement device, which we call a VidiCube.
VidiStudio is the creative application to create elaborate context- and face-responsive DOOH campaigns with no coding required. It can display for instance a specific video when a family is within a certain distance, and then address the child if he’s smiling.

VidiStudio is built on:
  • A drag and drop interface: videos, images, HTML blocks and more can be put on the canvas and react to a combination of situations.
  • A state machine approach: while all watchers are being analyzed several times per second, those who fit a predefined scenario are taken along the experience, so as to prevent that other watchers coming in the scene would alter it.
  • An open architecture: 3rd party modules (such as rich display blocks), RSS feeds and new sensors (eg touch, hand gesture) can be easily integrated to create immersive experiences.
The output is an HTML 5 file which can be played on a Digital Signage player, within or without a CMS application.

VidiStudio is available under Mac, Windows and Linux. It can be provided along with a VidiBox, which includes an FTP server to upload scenarios generated by the created team, a tiny USB camera and an Expert Edition of VidiReports to test out those scenarios.
VidiCenter is an online data center provided to all users of the Quividi solution. Built on a scalable architecture, it combines:
  • A Management module, to organize a fleet of sensors across locations and sites, spot and resolve alerts, manage users and rights.
  • A Charts module, to plot a rich set of KPIs across demographic groups, time, locations and contents, in easy-to-use dashboards
  • A Download and Support Center module, to get the latest version of our software and utilities and easily find answers
  • An Export module (in addition to the Cloud API), to deliver raw and aggregated results in CSV or Excel format.
VidiCenter holds billions of anonymous records on behalf of hundreds of customers and is open to 3rd party data.
Professional Services
Quividi offers a range of services to supplement its range of products:
  • Custom Campaign Development: Let Quividi assist you to create the ultimate face- and context-responsive campaign. We work with you to optimize your interactive scenario to make it memorable to all watchers and, based on your artwork, deliver to you the final HTML output in a breeze.
  • A/B Testing: Tell which version of your campaign works best with your target audience, based on the attention it gathers. We put together a plan to randomly test the various variations and quickly deliver a clear report with substantiated recommendations. As a bonus, you get a free interactive scenario that optimizes the message for each demographic group.
  • Campaign Audience Reports: Provide your advertisers with the undisputed demonstration of the impact of their campaign. We deliver a comprehensive online report that computes the proven number of watchers, per demographics, location and across time – right from the start; you even get to learn which part of your campaign was preferred.
  • Benchmark: Compare your network reach and audience behavior to the one of similar other networks. We have built up the only audience and attention benchmark in the DOOH industry that helps assess networks based on 8 different KPIs and point you to areas of improvement 
Quividi provides 2 main sets of APIs
  • The Real-Time API works from within VidiReports and makes it possible to get a live reading on each single tracked watcher in a scenery. Up to 10 times per second, the position, distance, gender, age, mood, attentive state and other variables are made available, either on a TCP socket or a Websocket.
  • The Cloud API works from within VidiCenter and provides raw or aggregated audience data and information on the video sensors. The Cloud API is intended to help build custom made reports and dashboards.